Bond: An Unauthorised Parody

Bond: An Unauthorised Parody

Written and Performed by Gavin Robertson • Directed by Nicholas Collett

Bond is back… older and wisecracking…

Following performances in Russia, USA, UK and Australia, Gavin Robertson focuses his attention on the Bond phenomenon in his latest physical cartoon style adventure – spoofing the characters adored by millions, and exploding every cliché in the book(s)… solo! In which Bond meets his greatest arch-villain yet – Ian Fleming himself, courtesy of a time-machine, and featuring the smallest car chase (n)ever seen!

Minimum props, maximum effect!

His brand of physical comedy has toured the world with past productions such as THE SIX-SIDED MAN, SPITTOON and 2010 A SPACE ODDITY touring in the UK, Europe, Brazil, Japan, Senegal, Chile, Taiwan, The Middle East, Costa Rica, India, Lebanon, Bosnia, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.

“Comedy at its best - funny, subtle and intelligent” - Broadway World

“A masterful comedian at the top of his game. Pure skill” - Fringe Review