About Us


The Repertory Theatre (The REP) is based in Seaside, Florida and committed to a long-range vision of building itself into a world-class regional theatre company, and an immediate mission of providing high-quality professional theatre to audiences of all ages. We seek to be the premier arts organization in Northwest Florida, providing programs and productions that make an essential and lasting contribution to the quality of life in our area.


Founded in the spring of 2001, The REP is Northwest Florida’s premier professional theatre company. Celebrating its eighteenth season, the REP has established itself as a first-rate regional theatre, attracting some of the finest talent from around the country. The REP’s host of talented theatre professionals and group of dedicated volunteers work together to entertain over 25,000 people each year. Having established an indoor home on the stage of the 75-seat Meeting Hall Theatre in downtown Seaside, Florida, the REP has never stopped broadening its horizons, adding new programming and new venues in South Walton to better reach its expanding audience base.

The REP Theatre

216 Quincy Circle
Seaside, FL 32459

The REP Mailing Address

P.O. Box 4814
Seaside, FL 32459

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850-231-0733 Ext. 11